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Could You Use A Flipper Denture?

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Replacing missing teeth is an important part of your dental health. Restoring the missing teeth in your smile will keep your other teeth from drifting out of alignment, and will also keep plaque and bacteria from finding new places to hide. Additionally, with a full set of teeth, you will be able to eat and speak more effectively. And then there are the cosmetic concerns. If you are missing teeth, you can feel self-conscious in professional and social situations. If you are missing your front teeth, that feeling can be magnified.

A flipper denture, or flipper for short, is not actually a denture. In reality, it is a retainer with prosthetic teeth mounted on the front. A flipper normally used as temporary measure to replace your front teeth while your dentures are being made, or you are getting ready for another replacement procedure. You can easily move or ‘flip” it out of place with your tongue, which is why it is commonly called a flipper. You should take care when eating with a flipper because it can be displaced as you bite down. You will need to clean it every day with toothbrush with soft bristles and a toothpaste made for cleaning dentures. Your should soak your flipper overnight in a denture solution to keep it moist and to help clean it.

Although a flipper is a temporary replacement for your teeth, it is not as expensive as dentures, and if the expense is a consideration for you, a flipper might be the solution. If you are interested in finding out more about getting a flipper denture, or would like to explore other tooth replacement options, our dentist, Dr. John Lee would love to see you! If you live in the Fresno, California, area and would like to make an appointment at John Lee, DDS, call 559-439-9621 today. We look forward to giving you the smile of your dreams!