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You may not realize it but something as seemingly as small a dental veneer requires a pretty big commitment from you. Our dentist, Dr. John Lee can use a veneer to solve a number of minor dental problems. For example, if the gap between your teeth is too great, a veneer can decrease that space. If a tooth is too short or oddly shaped, a veneer can improve its appearance. A tooth that has been discolored by an illness or medication and can’t be improved with a whitening treatment can benefit from a veneer. Veneers can also cover up a chip in your tooth.

But – once the process of placing a veneer starts, you are all in. It is irreversible, since the dentist needs to remove some of your tooth enamel. There is no going back and once the veneer is on, it is mostly up to you to keep it there. The veneer is a very thin shell of porcelain or resin that is made from an impression of your tooth and held in place by dental cement. With the right care, your veneer can last for up to ten years and while they are made to last, there are things you can do that can shorten the life of your veneer.

For example, if you grind or clench your teeth, you should let your dentist know before you start the process of getting a veneer. You may need to start wearing a night guard when you sleep, or learn some stress-management techniques. If you are in the habit of chewing on pens or pencils when you work or study, a damaged veneer could be the result. You can also damage a veneer by chewing on ice or even your fingernails. So if you decide to have a veneer placed, plan on giving your teeth a break and avoid those habits that can send you back to the dentist’s office. It’s also possible for the cement that holds your veneer in place to wear out over time. If that should happen save the veneer if you can find it, and bring it with you to your next appointment. The dentist may be able to reattach it or he made need to craft a new one for you. If you are a fan of dark-colored foods and drinks or if you use tobacco, your veneer will stain eventually. When that happens, you will need to come back to the office top have it polished.

Your veneers are designed to protect the fronts of your teeth, however, they do nothing for the backs. Because of that, you still need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. If tooth decay attacks the backs of your teeth, your veneers could easily fail.

If you have a tooth with minor damage, is the wrong size or shape, or has a stain that just won’t go away, why not come see us at John Lee, DDS to find out if dental veneers in Fresno, California are right for you? If you would like to make an appointment, call 559-439-9621 today and we’ll help you plan your next visit.