Our experienced dentist, Dr. John Lee, has gladly served the Fresno area for more than 28 years, helping patients achieve optimal oral health and stunning smiles. To learn more about our dental practice in Fresno, California, please feel free to read our patient reviews. If you feel we are the best choice in dental care for you, contact us today to make your appointment!

“I have always had good oral hygiene, but inherited terrible teeth. Due to multiple horrific experiences with other dentists, I avoided routine dentist visits for years until I cracked a tooth and was forced to find a new dentist. Two people recommended that I visit Dr. Lee–and I am SOOO thankful that I listened to them. Not only is Dr. Lee’s expertise in his field obvious, but he has excellent patient skills which made me feel like I had found a great dentist from day one. It took a few visits to correct my years of neglect, but thanks to Dr. Lee and his amazing staff, I am no longer afraid to visit the dentist (at least not him).

Dr. Lee is also experienced in reconstructive dental work. If you need some work done by someone who knows what he’s doing, helps you through your fears, and is just overall an awesome dentist, I would highly recommend that you check him out!”
– Tashara H.