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If you suffer outbreaks of herpes cold sores or fever blisters, our dentist can help you manage your condition and prevent the spread of contagious cold sores. Some of the potential treatments John Lee, DDS can offer include:

– Providing an exam to diagnose your cold sore
– Performing a medical history review
– Reducing outbreaks via medication such as Zirovax

Methods to Alleviate Outbreaks
Some lifestyle changes can also help treat your condition. You may find that working toward lowering your stress levels can help since a common trigger of cold sores is stress. For example, the use of laughter, deep breathing, meditation, yoga stretches, or nature walks help many patients to reduce their stress. Vitamin C or a multivitamin supplement may also help, and we encourage you to us UV protection of SPF15 or higher if you plan to spend time in sunlight.

Preventing the Spread of Cold Sores
Cold sores become even more contagious if the blisters begin to ooze, and can be easily spread if you share towels, razors, or utensils. You can spread the virus if another toothbrush if your toothbrush touches the edge of the tube of toothpaste, and we encourage you to change out your toothbrush for a new one if you experience an outbreak. Finally, be sure to take extra time when washing your hands, especially if you have used your hands to apply ointment to the blisters.

Struggling with cold sores or fever blisters can significantly affect your life,. But there are many treatment steps you can take to treat your symptoms. Please feel free to give John Lee, DDS a call at 559-439-9621 today if you have any questions about treating fever blisters in Fresno, California, and would like to speak with Dr. John Lee.